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The New Fuss About Apa How to Discuss Five Topics in an Essay

The New Fuss About Apa How to Discuss Five Topics in an Essay In this area of study, you may decide on a topic connected to early childhood like language learning, social learning, etc.. The well-being of young people as a new growing generation may be the most discussed topic in various areas like psychology or medicine. You might also examine several kinds of tech motivation methods to compare and contrast the most efficient strategies. Needless to say, the central intention of your upcoming essay is going to be about the anorexia, but your task is going to be to discuss it from a specific angle. You may continue to keep your argumentative essays for your upcoming job portfolio in case they're highly graded. Before you can begin writing, you will need to get an idea to write about. Whether you're taking an introductory or a graduate-level psychology class, odds are strong that you'll have to write a minumum of one paper during the class of the semester. As it was mentione d, it is dependent upon the objective of your writing. Apa How to Discuss Five Topics in an Essay Ideas A superb discussion essay must incorporate an exhaustive discussion of each side of the topic. Deciding on your topic isn't that easy. Ensure the topic is one which you're interested in personally because it will be simpler that you write. In the very first paragraph, you'll want to broadly introduce your topic. Ruthless Apa How to Discuss Five Topics in an Essay Strategies Exploited There are various styles a student can select to compose their psychology essay. Regardless of the ample number of substantial research materials and intelligent ideas, the essay may wind up flawed in the event the student doesn't have effective writing skills. Before you sit to compose a psychology essay, you should be sure you read the question thoroughly and understood what's required of you. Irrespective of the quantity or kind of research involved, argumentative essays must set a very clear thesis and follow sound reasoning. The Apa How to Discuss Five Topics in an Essay Stories The reader ought to be impressed by the manner in which you defend your ideas. You might also want to incorporate a brief discussion of more research that needs to be completed in light of your work. One of the most usual reasons people start looking for assistance with essay writing is they realize they're running out of time. Have a look at our home page for more info. Keep in mind, any source employed in your essay has to be included in your reference section. Frequently you will examine what other folks have already said on the identical subject and include this information utilizing paraphrasing and summarising skills, along with correct citations. In the event the source is written by multiple authors, then you need to state last names of them all, at least in the very first reference within the essay. If you apply the exact same source in the exact same paragraph, don't re fer to the calendar year again. Introducing Apa How to Discuss Five Topics in an Essay It is not very easy to compose a how-to essay. Nevertheless, your essay needs to be well-grounded, and all of your ideas, together with statements about anorexia that you would like to argue, needs to be reasonable and relevant. The three-paragraph essay isn't an exception. In many ways, it is similar to the five-paragraph essay. Do not waste too much time on figuring out how to compose a three paragraph essay because this type of academic paper isn't popular. Such an essay may be beneficial for beginning writers as it features the organizational structure of a lengthier essay without requiring the length. Whatever the sort of essay might be, there's a standard or core structure which is to be utilised in their writing. Please find the info below to be aware of the grading rubric for absolutely any academic five-paragraph paper. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Apa How to Discuss Five Topics in an Essay Today, the scope of topics that could be highlighted in a written assignment can be referred to as a limitless one. It's possible for you to come across an extremely in depth summary of the APA format. Change them in accordance with your requirements. See if other kinds of essayssuch for a process analysis or an evaluationwill fit within the three-paragraph essay format. You're able to explore an extremely wide array of topics like language acquisition, attachment theories, or critical amounts of development. You will need to discuss each side of the issues surrounding the discussion essay topic, so guarantee that you've got access to good research that supplies pertinent info. You'll be provided a certain number of resources to be used. Ideally, you would like to decide on a subject that's specific enough to let you fully research and learn more about the topic, but not so specific that you have a difficult time finding sources of information. These tips offer you some helpful guidelines which will help you prepare your paper and make sure that it's formatted properly. Besides ensuring that you cite your sources properly and present information in line with the rules of APA style, there are a lot of things you can do in order to make the writing process just a little bit simpler. Among the more unique disadvantages talked about in this report is the notion that technology can make employees lazy. You'll also see that there are quite a few methods by which material can be cited. Other absolutely free extras that are included are an absolutely free outline, completely free plagiarism report and completely free title page. Only the portions of the major body should have headings! A running head with the total title of the essay must show up on the title page. One other important factor to think about is the format of the essay.

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Essay about Mind/Body Problem in Philosophy - 767 Words

Running head: MIND/BODY PROBLEM IN PHILOSOPHY Mind/Body Problem in Philosophy Barbara Buchanan University of Phoenix Mind/Body Problem in Philosophy The History of Psychology plays a big role in the interest of Psychology and Philosophy today. Several theories have been developed and refined over the hundreds of years of history in Philosophy and Psychology. Included in this report will be the discussion of the realm of the mind and consciousness, the mind and consciousness in relation to the physical body, and the independence of physical functions of the body through the central nervous system. The Realm of Mind and Consciousness It was believed at one time that the mind was a product of the brain. The mind is a†¦show more content†¦Descartes believed that nerves were hollow tubes in animal spirits and were the driving forces that resulted in the movement of muscles in the human body. If one were to stick their hand on a sharp object, the mind would trigger the animal spirits to perform. The muscles and nerves in the body were triggered by stimulation that caused the brain to open up and allow the spirits to move through the nerves involuntarily. Thus the mind is what triggered the animal spirits to perform. Of course, after Descartes, the microscope was discovered and used to determine that indeed the â€Å"tubes† were not hollow and were indeed controlled by the brain. Our mind receives information and processes same. There is only one area of our brain that when the body dies, the brain dies with it. Where there is no thought there is no mind. It is p roven that the mind controls by the body. The mind is dependant on the Nervous system. An example would be the eye. In looking an object, the eye itself, the nerves and the light are all physical parts of seeing the object. However, seeing the actual object is subject to consciousness. Our mind must be conscious of the object in our view. If the eye is closed, the object is no longer visible. Therefore, the mind is dependent of the Central Nervous System. The Independent Mind Calmness, peace of mind, freedom from anxiety and worry, inner strength and happiness areShow MoreRelatedRelationship Between Mind And Body929 Words   |  4 PagesIn philosophy, Mind–body dualism is any theory that states that the mind and body are two distinct kinds of substances or natures. The problem of the relationship of the mind to body arose from the works of Renà © Descartes, a French philosopher and mathematician of the 17th-century who gave dualism its classical formulation or made it to be what it is today. Conceived from his famous â€Å"Cogito, ergo sum† (Latin) meaning â€Å"I think, therefore I am,† he developed a theory of the mind as a nontangible andRead MoreThe Mind Body Problem, By Rene Descartes Essay1331 Words   |  6 Pages Mind-Body Problem Oluwadamilola Kamson Philosophy 101: Introduction to Philosophy November 2016 INTRODUCTION The Mind-body problem dates back to Plato and was well received by the scholastic philosophers. However, it was Rene Descartes the famous French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. The mind-body problem is not, of course, a single problem at all, but a large collection of problems which focuses upon the fundamental issue of reality and knowledge in so far as such analysisRead MoreAnalysis Of The Body And Mind 855 Words   |  4 PagesProtocol Paper 3 – Body and Mind RECALL: In the Body and Mind chapter by Rachels it goes over many points. 1) Mind-Body dualism in a way to solve the mind-body problem, explains the relationship between mind and body facts. 2) It also points out the problems with mind-body dualism it is hard to see how a nonphysical mind could interact with a physical body. 3) Rachels points out that the mind-body dualism has largely disappeared from science and philosophy because it did not fit the emerging scientificRead MoreThe Mind-Body Problem Essay957 Words   |  4 PagesThe Mind-Body Problem The mind-body problem, which is still debated even today, raises the question about the relationship between the mind and the body. Theorists, such as Renà © Descartes and Thomas Nagel, have written extensively on the problem but they have many dissenting beliefs. Descartes, a dualist, contends that the mind and body are two different substances that can exist separately. Conversely, Nagel, a dual aspect theorist, contends that the mind and body are not substances but differentRead MoreIs The Mind Body Problem?1219 Words   |  5 PagesPhilosophy is a complex field that tries to better understand the world we live in. There have been a multitude of amazing philosophers that have helped shaped the world around us, all of which have had their own single beliefs. One of their main issues faced in philosophy is the mind-body problem, and philosophers are still trying to solve this predicament to this day. The mind-brain problem is trying better to understand whether a person’s m ental processes are the same as their physical processesRead MoreEssay on A challenge to Materialism1118 Words   |  5 Pagesindividuation and identity in Descartes’ philosophy of mind-body dualism. I will begin by addressing the framework of Cartesian dualism. Then I will examine the problems of individuation and identity as they relate to Descartes. Hopefully, after explaining Descartes’ reasoning and subsequently offering my response, I can show with some degree of confidence that the issues of individuation and identity offer a challenge to the Cartesians’ premise of mind-body dualism. Before diving into a critical examinationRead Moresituation in ethic Essay1383 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Running head: How Philosophy and physiology have influenced early psychological thought. The Influences of early psychological though of Physiology and philosophy Cleo Jones History of Psychology Abstract Physiology is a branch of biology that deals with life and living matter according to (Webster Merriam) Physiology is the processes and function of all or part of an organ. According to (Webster) Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected withRead MoreThe Mind Body Problem Of Monism878 Words   |  4 Pagesbrain controlling our mental states? Most people would call this the mind. Some philosophies describe the mind as â€Å"simply a physical thing† while others believe the mind â€Å"is a non-physical entity †¦ sometimes called ‘the ghost in the machine.’† (Friedenber Silverman, 2006. p.30) This essay will briefly describe three major philosophies that try to explain the mind body problem. One philosophy that explains the mind-body problem is monism. Monism states that all our thoughts can be reduced down toRead MoreThink Philosophically1283 Words   |  6 PagesThe meaning of the goods of the mind are at least as important as the goods of the body by Russel is good if we provide ourselves with the goods for our body as well as our mind. We can not separate the mind and the body because we think in our mind that, it is going to be reflected by doing so, as it has to be balanced. If we are breaking apart the goods of the body, we need shelter, foods, drinks, and also clothes to maintain our lives. The good of the minds are our knowledge and understandingRead MoreMy View Philosophy As A Discipline Or Area Of Study881 Words   |  4 PagesI view philosophy as a discipline or area of study that methodically examines many of life s questions like the ones I ask myself everyday: what is real? What isn t real? How do I know the things I know? Why do I know them? Am I free to make my own choices or is there an unseen force that controls my life so that no matter what I do, I can t change what happens to me? Philosophy to me examines these questions through argument with logic, and reflection or examination of one s inner self. According

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The Object Oriented Database Model - 1990 Words

History of Object Oriented Databases Miral Patel IST 7000: Data Management Wilmington University Frank Richey Date: 11-27-2016 Introduction The Object oriented databases models have been around since the seventies when the concept of object oriented programming was first explored. It has not caught on for any major publicly traded organization. It is since the last ten to fifteen companies are utilizing object oriented So companies preferred to stick with the applications they knew how to use and had the greatest amount of technical support for. So as we arrived in this perspective becomes more and more antiquated because object oriented programming has become the preferred technique used by developers .So the development of object-oriented databases shows an attempt to integrate the complex data modelling and software engineering principles of recent programming language designs with the persistence, coordination, and protection characteristics supported by database technology. The Object database model Object-oriented model is aiming on reduce overhead converting information form or representation into form of database to an application specific representation so unlike other all traditional database we have an object model which allows us to data persistence and storage by storing objects in the databases so here we can think of where we can apply them so it is mainly used for complex data structures for examples when it comes in useShow MoreRelatedTradeoffs Between Relational and Object-Oriented Database Management Systems1149 Words   |  5 Pagestradeoffs between relational and object-oriented database management systems 1) Stating Position The object oriented DBMS is superior to the relational database on some specific counts, primarily because it can satisfy the complex demands of the market today better than the any other. Secondly while the relational data base stores data as tables, the object model stores data as objects and creates associations. This can create a multiple set of attributes for each object such that the data base is moreRead MoreInformation Storage And Management System1373 Words   |  6 Pagesthe occurrence of database management systems (DBMSs) (Ramakrishnan Gehrke 2000). ‘A database is a large, persistent, integrated collection of dynamic data that provides more operations to describe, establish, manipulate, and access the data’ (Bergholt et al. 1998, p. 7). ‘A database management system (DBMS) is software designed to assist in maintaining and utilizing large collections of data’, in which users can input data, share data, edit data, manipulate data in the database (Ramakrishnan GehrkeRead MoreDescription Of A Relational Database1366 Words   |  6 Pagesgeneralized term to describe a relational database that uses no form of SQL language querying and consists of several data models to define it. My topic of this research paper is the Document Store data model. I will be covering the introduction of the model and its mechanics, how and when the model emerged, its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s real world applications. Introduction and How it Works Document Store or â€Å"Document-oriented database† is a data model within the NoSQL family, made for storingRead MoreDatabase Vs. Relational Database Model1611 Words   |  7 Pagesrelational database. This is the false assumption that you will see when it comes to database models. The relational database model is great for data that normally can fit into a table, or shows relationships between data, but not all data falls into that category. There are a few options for these situations. You can use an object-oriented database, a hierarchical database, a network database, and a flat-file database. The first alternative is known as the object-oriented. In a document-oriented databaseRead MoreData Model: Oodbms vs. Rdbms1067 Words   |  5 Pages1 Data model: OODBMS vs. RDBMS For this coursework two kinds of data models can be used. The object oriented data model, Object Oriented Database Management System(OODBMS), or the relational data model, Relational Database Management System(RDBMS). The differences between these two models and the data model to be used are described in this chapter. 1.1 Enumeration of some specifications of OODBMS and RDBMS RDBMS have been around for more than 20 years, OODBMS are relatively new; RDBMS canRead MoreConcept Of Hibernate Objectrelationalmapping ( Orm ) Tool And How Hibernate1473 Words   |  6 Pagesconcept of Hibernate ObjectRelationalMapping(ORM) tool and how hibernate can be used to simplify the development of Java/J2EE application to interact with the database. The purpose of any ObjectRelationalMapping tool is to simplify the data creation, data manipulation and data access for an object in accordance with the relational database. Several ORM tools were introduced in the market over years and one of the most extensively used in the today’s market is Hibernate. This documentation will beRead MoreElectronic Healthcare Information Systems Analysis1348 Words   |  6 PagesDatabases, Electronic Healthcare Information Systems, Data Sets and Data Standards Patient data is crucial to healthcare practice. Having the ability to create, modify, delete, and view patient data is the most important aspect of healthcare. A vital storage mechanism to perform the above functions is a database. A database is essential in development of Electronic Health Record system A database is an organized collection of data saved as a binary-type file on a computer (Sayles, 2013). Binary-typeRead MoreWhat is the Purpose of a Database Management System?1474 Words   |  6 PagesThe purpose of this paper is to explain what a Database Management System (DBMS) is, the main principles of database design and to describe the features or characteristics of four prevalent database models. What is a DBMS? A database management system could be described as a file processing system that creates and administers data and or objects as information for the purpose of access and storage in a convenient way. Many types of programs have been written to add and extract information fromRead MoreThe Evolution of The Database Essay example847 Words   |  4 Pagesrevolutionized information storage and retrieval. Thus the first databases where born. Flat File Flat file databases where the first of many database models, almost as old as the computer. Flat file databases stored data in text files saved in the file system. There was little to no organization, it was a step backwards in data organization. The only real befit was that data could be retrieved remarkable speed, when the database was used by a very skilled programmer. This created a new problemRead MoreApplication Of A Solid Foundation1328 Words   |  6 PagesOnce the proposed project is understood and it is agreed upon that the system requirements will be supported, a solid foundation must be built to support the development of the system. Models and other documentation are used to aid in the visualization and description of the proposed system. Process models are used to identify and document the portion of system requirements that relates to data. Processes are the logical rules that are applied to transform the data into meaningful information. The

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Birdhouse Essay Research Paper My Own Two free essay sample

Birdhouse Essay, Research Paper My Own Two Foot As Beverly and her female parent and male parent delay patiently at the Greyhound Bus Station. She hated waiting for the coach, it ever seemed as if it everlastingly. All around her she could smell the malodor of firing gum elastic. Apparently Beverly had been invited to pass the summer with her female parent s cousin Verna for the summer while go toing college in San Francisco, California. Beverly had neer been to college and was really being pressured by her female parent non to travel in the first topographic point. It was supposed to be a good school though, even though it was a Jr. College named Chuffy. When she eventually arrived in San Francisco she went directly to her cousin s house. The whole house was painted bright colourss, doing it look more fresh and new. Compared to her house, which happened to be all white! Giving the sense that it was tiring and field, which Beverly seemed to believe it, was. The school was even worse Each room was painted a dark green, while the desks where in a triangular signifier as if it were an simple category. Besides the schools deficiency of manner Beverly had a great clip acquiring to cognize everyone. If you lived close by ( which she did ) you could merely pass the dark at place, but if non the school rules were ever willing to lease residence halls to those in demand of them. Each residence hall had a duplicate size bed and a nightstand right beside it. So clearly they were really little! That is unless you had a room-mate so you were allowed to hold a two to three sleeping room residence hall which are evidently a great trade larger so the one sleeping room. When summer was over she went back place to her female parent, but shortly after she left Chuffy had sent a missive informing Beverly that they wished her to endorse following season. Of class her female parent preferred her non to, Beverly s male parent had high liquors and wished her to do her head up on her ain. Therefor Beverly chose to travel back in the autumn and this clip lease a residence hall since she was no longer welcome in Verna s place ( merely uninvited ) . Alternatively of really traveling to Chaffey Beverly decided to go to Cal. College located in Southern California. At this school they had strict regulations one being you had to hold a roomie if you wanted a residence hall, and of class they assigned them for you. Beverly fortunately ended up with a miss named Claudia, who happened to be a batch like Beverly. Neither of them smoked, both were really repetitive on analyzing and reasonably much liked to make the same things in at that place free clip. Each of them had female parent s who were listening to their every word, doing it easier to understand one another. The lone difference that I could see was how Beverly seemed more quiet and predic tabular array. Through out the whole book Beverly goes back and Forth from California to Portland. Always doing certain to make the best she can perchance be. My life is about a lady named Beverly Clare. A immature grownup, who fights to hold both emotional and physical independency. Basically it tells the narrative of her life, who she is and what she does. During the fresh Beverly meets a great figure of work forces. Some of these work forces were married, while some merely couldn Ts handle long distant relationships. Fortunately Ms. Cleary found her particular person. His name was Clarence and is about the same age as Beverly ( one twelvemonth older neer said existent age ) . Towards the terminal of the fresh Beverly and Clarence acquire a small serious. They shortly start speaking about matrimony and love, while Beverly s mother pretty much has a bosom onslaught! Probably, the most exciting event in the book was when Clarence and Beverly foremost confessed their love for each other. It was out on the balcony of the dance hall entryway. They were tilting over the border and they merely acquire to speak. Like any other relationship you at some point or another talk about where you are headed, surprisingly they started speaking about matrimony. All of a sudden Clarence digs into his slack pockets and takes out a cigar ring ( piece of paper that holds the wrapper over the cigar before being bought ) and places it on her finger. Then says I ll replace this with a existent ring some twenty-four hours ( say to be a proposal ) . Beverly of class does non decease The narrative ends when Beverly really gets a occupation as a bibliothec at a school in Yakima, Washington. There she would be paid one hundred and ten dollars a month. As I said before both she and Clarence got married and lived merrily of all time after. Now Beverly is an writer of kids s narratives. For illustration the series of Ramona the Pest! After it explains everything about her female parent s cousin s house, I think that she will travel to college and so stop up non being able to manage it. And who know she might even hold to travel place. I don t truly know if this anticipation is right but I merely have a intestine experiencing something bad is traveling to go on. I was incorrect about the first anticipation, but this clip I think that after she gets the note from Chaffey Jr. College stating that they wish for her to come back her female parent and male parent are non traveling to let her to go forth place once more. I think it will go on because whenever Beverly negotiations about her female parent it s as if she feels trapped. Like she can t make anything without let downing her. Beverly s female parent is one of those types of people who want their kids to follow in their footfalls ( command monster ) .

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Article Critique on Diversity Essays

Article Critique on Diversity Essays Article Critique on Diversity Essay Article Critique on Diversity Essay Methods Using other published articles as reference, a comparison of the public policies in Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada were compared to ) explain diversity among countries and the policies for managing ageing work forces, 2) to show applicable remedies to convince firms to keep older workers. Evidence of Thesis Support The author offered a comprehensive approach to the trends and illustrated the connection between the company practices and these trends, even if not always equally thorough. Despite the strength in making those comparisons, the author did not reach his full potential, while the diversity was presented In the studies, the results were loss because the articles were cited In one mall paragraph so there was o connection between and country and where the information was derived. The supporting evidence was confusing and ambiguous, in an overview of employment/ unemployment policies towards older workers the similarities and differences between countries needed to be clearly identified. The remedies were equally limited, an adjustment to the procedures for assigning employees to Jobs and motivating workers was one of the remedies, however those procedures were not illustrate In the article. Further, the public policy that the author advocates as having little success has not been identified. To get insight and gain a better understanding one would have to read all the individual articles on which this one was formed Contribution to the Literature Contributions which correspond to the alma of the article are more Interesting and thorough.. Gill Gorton, 2001) In the Dynamics of Managing Diversity: A Critical Approach explains the clear differences between encouraging the exit of older workers through retirement, public policies and the legislative protection against discrimination. On a European-wide comparison, specific age-related legislation is emitted In France, workers aged fifty to fifty-four who are made redundant are excluded from the state pension, and the em ployer is forces to bare the cost (pig. 44). Kiloton advocates for stronger public policy In older workers to encourage employers to Turner develop tenet own strategies. ) In Social Protection versus Economic Flexibility: Is There a Trade-off makes similar arguments for looking at the legislative policy. Blank states Japan has a seniority-earning profile which creates an incentive for firms to dismiss their older workers, however, unlike the United States older workers are less likely to be dismissed. Sweden uses a seniority rule for dismissal, older workers are explicitly protected by legislation, workers over eager 45 must be given six months notice of dismissal, and employers must try to find other Jobs for those who have lost the ability to perform usual Jobs (pig 206). Recommendations The article argues the dynamics of policies in countries determine retirement or retention at age 55; to strength the article a more in depth analysis of the organizational cultures would be included. In addition, statistics on the percentage f people over age 55 in those countries to show a comparison of the employment and unemployment rates of older workers. A more in depth explanation on why there are trends would be to include what the demand is for Jobs versus the supply of human capital, whether the labor skills in these countries can or cannot meet the demand. Key questions to answer in the article are do firms fire older workers when there is a downturn in business? Social programs and how it determines the breakdown of the employment/population response, do firms require more mature errors?

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Persuasive Speech on Global Warming Essays

Persuasive Speech on Global Warming Essays Persuasive Speech on Global Warming Essay Persuasive Speech on Global Warming Essay ruse whatever you can, like containers and paper, and recycle what you cannot reuse. Its really as simple as that. 4) Th extra heat our homes produce also adversely affects the planet. A) By sealing and insulating our homes better we can help stop that and save money on our energy bills. B) Also instead of turning up the heat when your cold, put on an extra layer of clothes. Again youll be saving energy and money. C) If at all possible, use solar energy. After all its free, all you have to do is buy the equipment. And you would be helping to ensure that our ancestors still have a planet to live on. D) Finally, by turning off unused power sources such as tvs and computers, again you will be helping the environment as well as saving money on energy bills. Conclusion: If we all would do as many things that we possibly can to help reduce greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, we would all be doing a great thing by helping to ensure that our grand-kids and theirs will still have this beautiful planet to live on and enjoy. Thank You.

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Perform a Detailed Task Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Perform a Detailed Task Analysis - Assignment Example For example if he is going for an educational vacation he should consider a place where there is access to books, internet and any other research tools he may require. If he is going for a recreational tour he might consider factors like the weather of the place of destination, the places to be ventured into and the security of the same. He also needs to conduct an economic analysis of the places to be visited in order to select the most convenient economical destination without compromising on the vocational goals (Kirwan, 1992) After identifying the place to visit based on the vocational goals, Sam should put down all the requirements in a hierarchical manner in order to make his trip a success. The most vital points to emphasize on include money allocation/distribution, gathering important personal effects, arranging for the day and time of departure, consulting with the travel agency and making other personal arrangements such as notifying colleagues and family members about the trip and any other party concerned. In order to avail for proper distribution of money, Sam must consider the amount of money he is going to spend on the trip and distribute it accordingly based on the travel budget. This will involve considerations on which means of transport to use and the cost on the same, where to stay and the funding for the various activities included in the vocation needs. This includes entertainment costs, agency costs among others (Shepherd, 2001). After deciding on how much to spend on each item, Sam should gather all the items listed in his travel schedule. This will include items such as a suitcase, clothing and other items related to his personal wellbeing. He should also gather all items necessary to meet his vocational goals such as books if he is going for an educational vocation. In order to be on schedule, Sam must identify the date for the trip and make the necessary arrangements with the parties involved. This will